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Air Conditioner Overheating

Can an air conditioner overheat?

Yes, an air conditioner can overheat. Air conditioners produce a lot of heat (that’s pushed outside) in the process of cooling your home. Blocked vents, poor airflow, and mechanical failures can all cause overheating.

There are two core factors that make overheating more likely. The first is positioning the external unit or the whole unit in the case of window ACs in the direct sunlight. This sunlight warms the body of the unit and means your AC has to work harder to keep itself and your home cool.

The second is dirty filters and fans. Your window AC relies on pushing air through vents to get rid of the excess heat it generates. Blocked vents will cause a build-up of this heat that can prevent your air conditioner from functioning properly. So regular cleaning is a must to prevent overheating. 

Most air conditioners will trip the circuit breaker before any serious damage is done to your device. Nevertheless, avoid overheating at all costs through proper maintenance and cleaning. 

What happens when an air conditioner overheats?

What causes an air conditioner to overheat?

Can an air conditioner catch fire?

Yes, an air conditioner can catch fire if it overheats. Specific components of your window AC can overheat like the fan and motor bearings. These can cause fires if the overheating becomes serious enough.