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Is a window AC cheaper than alternatives?

How much does a window AC cost?

A window AC costs $400 – $600 to purchase outright. You can get much cheaper units for as low as $150 while more expensive options can cost as much as $800.

It’s also worth considering installation costs when comparing the prices of different types of AC. You can install a window AC unit yourself so installation costs are effectively zero. Alternatively, you could pay $300 to get a professional to install it for you.

By contrast, a permanent air conditioning system like HVAC or Split AC can cost several thousand dollars to install. The installation process for air conditioning is so expensive because it often requires modifications to your home’s electrical system and ductwork. 

Some systems require your installer to cut a hole in your wall to connect an indoor unit to an external one.

Is a window AC cheaper than alternatives?

A window AC is cheaper than most alternatives, including HVAC, split AC, and heat pump systems. But a window AC is typically more expensive than a portable air conditioner.

Here’s a basic breakdown of how much you’ll have to pay for each of these types of air conditioners

AC TypeUnit CostInstallation Cost

Window AC running costs vs alternative ACs