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Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Portable AC Review

Ready to conquer the summer heat? Meet the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Portable AC! If you’re on the hunt for efficient cooling, cutting-edge features, and the power to stay cool at your command, this model might be your summer savior. 

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the PACEL376HGRF-6ALWH to help you decide if it’s the perfect fit for your cooling needs. With its impressive BTU rating and smart functionality, we’ve got all the details you need. Get set for a cooler, more comfortable space – let’s dive in!

Pros of the Pinguino Deluxe 12500

Choosing the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Portable AC (PACEL376HGRF-6ALWH) over other portable air conditioners offers several significant advantages:

  1. Powerful Cooling: The Pinguino Deluxe 12500 boasts an impressive 12500 BTU output, providing powerful and efficient cooling. This higher cooling capacity allows it to cool larger rooms effectively, making it ideal for spaces up to 550 square feet. In comparison, many portable ACs have lower BTU ratings, ensuring that the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 delivers more comfortable indoor temperatures, even during scorching summers.
  2. EcoReal Feel Technology: This model features EcoReal Feel technology, which enhances comfort by automatically adjusting temperature and humidity levels to create an environment that feels more natural. This technology helps maintain a comfortable indoor climate without excessive cooling, ensuring that occupants are not only cool but also comfortable.
  3. Smart Features and Connectivity: The Pinguino Deluxe 12500 comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to control and monitor the air conditioner remotely through a smartphone app. This convenience offers flexibility and energy savings, as users can adjust settings even when they are not at home.

Cons of the Pinguino Deluxe 12500

While the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 offers many advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider when comparing it to other portable air conditioners:

  1. Higher Cost: One of the main disadvantages of choosing the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 is its higher price tag, typically priced at $649.95. This places it at a premium compared to some other portable AC models in the market. If you’re on a tight budget, this higher cost might make it less accessible.
  2. Bulkier Design: The Pinguino Deluxe 12500 has dimensions of 17.6 inches in width, 29.2 inches in height, and 15.1 inches in depth, making it slightly bulkier than average portable AC units. This could be a disadvantage if you have limited floor space or need a more compact unit for a smaller room.
  3. Noise Level: While the noise level of the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 at 54 decibels is reasonable, it is slightly higher than the average portable AC, which is around 52 decibels. If you are sensitive to noise or plan to use it in a quiet bedroom, this may be a drawback.


The Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Portable AC, with its impressive ASHRAE output of 12500 BTUs (British Thermal Units), stands out as a powerful cooling solution in the world of portable air conditioners. 

To fully understand the significance of this power output, it’s essential to delve into what BTUs represent. BTUs are a measurement of cooling capacity, and in the context of air conditioners, they indicate how effectively a unit can cool a space. In simpler terms, the higher the BTU rating, the more cooling power the air conditioner possesses.

Comparing the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 to the average model with an 11,500 BTU output, it’s evident that this model provides superior cooling performance. 

Right for your apartment?

This extra power allows it to efficiently cool larger rooms, making it an ideal choice for spaces up to approximately 550 square feet. It excels in bedrooms, living rooms, and medium-sized apartments, ensuring that occupants stay comfortable even during scorching summer days.

However, it’s worth noting that in smaller apartments or rooms, where the cooling demand isn’t as high, the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 might be overkill. In such cases, a model with a lower BTU rating could be more energy-efficient and cost-effective. 

Additionally, for larger spaces or open-concept layouts, multiple units or a central air conditioning system might be more suitable to ensure even cooling throughout the area.

In summary, the Pinguino Deluxe 12500’s impressive 12500 BTU output makes it a powerful and effective cooling solution for medium-sized spaces. Potential customers should consider their room size and cooling needs to determine if this model aligns with their requirements. 

It’s ideal for bedrooms and living rooms but might be excessive for smaller spaces. Ultimately, understanding the significance of BTUs and how they relate to room size is crucial for making an informed decision when investing in a portable air conditioner.


The Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Portable AC is priced at $649.95, slightly above the average cost of portable air conditioners in the market. Its affordability depends on the buyer’s specific needs and budget. 

For those seeking powerful cooling for larger spaces, this model offers excellent value, but it may be seen as a premium option for smaller rooms with less demanding cooling requirements.

When considering the price of this model, it’s essential to evaluate its affordability compared to other portable air conditioners in the market. The average cost of a portable air conditioner hovers around $539. In comparison, the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 is positioned at a slightly higher price point.

However, it’s important to note that pricing is often reflective of the unit’s features and capabilities. This model’s higher price can be attributed to its impressive 12500 BTU cooling power, which makes it suitable for larger rooms and more demanding cooling needs. Additionally, its build quality, energy efficiency, and advanced features may contribute to its price premium.

When determining whether the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 is a worthwhile investment, potential buyers should consider their specific cooling requirements and budget constraints. If cooling a larger space or achieving rapid cooling is a priority, the added investment in this model could be justified. On the other hand, for smaller spaces where a lower BTU unit can suffice, a more budget-friendly option might be a better fit.

Space and Convenience 

Its dimensions are slightly taller but more compact in width, making it a good fit for various setups. The noise level is reasonable and won’t disrupt your daily activities. The additional weight, while slightly reducing portability, speaks to its build quality and stability. 

Pinguinoe Deluxe 12500 Size

In terms of dimensions, this model measures 17.6 inches in width, 29.2 inches in height, and 15.1 inches in depth. Comparatively, the average dimensions for portable air conditioners on the market are around 18.8 inches in width, 27.7 inches in height, and 15.8 inches in depth. 

These dimensions are particularly significant for customers as they determine how well the unit will fit into their living space. The Pinguino Deluxe 12500’s slightly taller profile means it might require a bit more vertical clearance. However, its narrower width and similar depth ensure that it doesn’t occupy an excessive amount of floor space. Customers with limited space should consider whether the height fits within their room setup.

Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Noise Level

Regarding noise level, this model operates at 54 decibels. The market average for portable air conditioners hovers around 52 decibels. The difference of 2 decibels might not seem significant, but in practice, it can be noticeable. For perspective, 50-60 decibels is akin to moderate rainfall or a normal conversation. 

Therefore, the Pinguino Deluxe 12500’s 54-decibel noise level is relatively quiet. It won’t disrupt your daily activities or sleep, making it suitable for bedrooms and living rooms where peace and quiet are essential.

Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Weight

In terms of weight, this model weighs 70.8 pounds, slightly more than the average weight of 64 pounds for other portable air conditioners on the market. While this additional weight might make it less portable, it also reflects the unit’s robust construction and capacity.

It’s still manageable for most users to move within their apartment, and the weight contributes to its stability during operation.

Final Verdict

The Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Portable AC offers several compelling advantages, making it a suitable choice for specific cooling needs. Its powerful 12500 BTU output ensures efficient cooling in larger spaces, up to approximately 550 square feet. This model’s EcoReal Feel technology and Wi-Fi connectivity enhance comfort and convenience, allowing users to control it remotely.

However, there are some factors to consider. It comes at a higher price point compared to average portable air conditioners, which could be a drawback for budget-conscious consumers. Its dimensions are slightly bulkier, so it may not be the best fit for rooms with limited floor space. Additionally, while the noise level is reasonable, it’s slightly higher than the market average, which may be a consideration for those who value quiet operation.

In conclusion, the Pinguino Deluxe 12500 Portable AC is an excellent choice for individuals seeking robust cooling performance, advanced features, and remote control capabilities in larger living spaces. If budget constraints are not a primary concern and you have ample room for installation, this model offers a compelling cooling solution. However, for smaller spaces or those sensitive to noise, alternative options in the market might be more suitable.