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What are the disadvantages of a window AC?

Disadvantages of Window AC

Low capacity

Window air conditioners generally have a lower cooling capacity than permanent air conditioners like split AC or central air systems. 

The average cooling capacity of a window AC is 8,000 – 12,000 BTUs. That’s about enough for a single large room or a small one-bedroom apartment. 

Window ACs are not designed to cool entire homes. You usually have to purchase multiple window air conditioners if you want to cool larger homes.

There are some premium window AC models that are able to cool larger spaces. The biggest models you can buy typically have 24,000 BTUs of cooling power. That’s enough for an apartment with 2-3 bedrooms.

By contrast, 24,000 BTUs is a fairly typical output for traditional air conditioning systems. You can buy split AC units with 30,000+ BTUs fairly easily. 

Blocks window

Another downside of a window AC is that it blocks the view out your window. You have to literally install the unit in an open window, so you can’t see out of it for the duration of the winter.

That might not be a massive problem if you have lots of sources of natural light in your apartment and several windows. But not everyone has that luxury. Blocking a window could be a major concern in properties with limited natural light.

Low energy efficiency

Advantages of window AC