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Home » What is the best place to put a Window AC in a room?

What is the best place to put a Window AC in a room?

What is the best place to put a window AC in a room?

The best place to put a window AC in a room is in a place with good air circulation and out of direct sunlight. A north-facing window is often best because windows facing in this direction tend to get less sun. 

You ideally want a window AC that opens in the middle of your room. Also, its best to avoid any obstructions between the window and the rest of the room like a tall bookcase or a pilar that might block airflow. 

The goal is to make sure that cold air can circulate fully throughout the space. Putting a window AC in an area where air cannot flow directly around the room could create cold and hot patches.

It is also best to pick a window in the room that you want the coldest. This is most likely to be a central living space like your living room. Window ACs are designed to cool one room (perhaps two) so they need to be directly in the space you most want to cool.

Another important consideration is how much direct sunlight a window will get. Direct sunlight can reduce the efficiency of your window AC because it will heat up with a box. 

That means your window AC has to cool itself down as well as your home and makes it harder for the unit to get rid of the excess heat it generates during the air conditioning process.

Which window gets the least sunlight will depend on the shade in your neighborhood. Generally, north-facing windows get less sunlight because the sun passes directly overhead for most of the day but tends south in the northern hemisphere.

South-facing windows will get a fair amount of sun throughout the day. West-facing windows get sun in the afternoon when the outdoor air is the hottest. Avoid both south and west-facing windows as a result.

A good secondary option is an East-facing window. East-facing windows will get direct sun but only in the cooler morning.