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Why is my room hot even with AC?

Why is my room hot even with AC?

Your room may be hot even with AC  because either your AC system is broken or you have a poor system that doesn’t keep all your rooms cool at the same time. These are really two separate kinds of issues.

You can test if your AC is working by putting your hand over the outvents. These should be blowing cold air. If you can’t feel cold air, then you likely have a broken AC and should follow our troubleshooting guide to try and resolve the issues.

But what if your AC is working and your room still isn’t cool enough?

There are five common reasons why one room isn’t cooling down as much as the others in your home:

  • Poorly insulated vents: Poorly insulated vents can allow hot air to leak into the cold air they’re transporting. The result is that rooms further away from your cooling system will not get as much cold air as ones closer to the system.
  • Rooms on different levels: Your air conditioning system can struggle to keep rooms on different floors at the same temperature because heat tends to rise to second-floor rooms. Also, your air conditioner may be unaware of the temperatures on different floors if its thermostat is located on the first floor.
  • Inadequate return vents: Return vents are intended to remove hot air from the rooms in your home. A large room with only one return vent won’t cool as quickly as other rooms in your home. 
  • Room use: Offices tend to be warmer than other rooms in your home because computers, servers, and other electrical equipment generate heat. Similarly, your kitchen will heat up if you leave a pot boiling for a long time. 

Poorly-sized system: A weak system might just not be powerful enough to keep all the rooms in your home cool. A strong system may cool down some of the rooms much faster than is necessary and leave others at a normal temperature.