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Are window AC stronger than portable AC?

Are window AC stronger than portable AC?

Window ACs are slightly stronger than portable ACs, but the difference is not massive. You will find a lot of portable ACs that are stronger than some models of Window ACs.

Most portable ACs have 5,000 – 8,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. That’s enough juice to cool a reasonably-sized living room. Most window ACs fall into this range as well but you’ll find more models towards the 10,000 BTU end of the spectrum.

The most powerful window ACs and portable ACs also have a similar level of power at 14,000 BTUs, enough cooling capacity to keep a small one bedroom apartment at a comfortable temperature. 

The difference is that there are more options for window AC units in the 10,000 – 14,000 BTU range than portable air conditioners.

However, you should probably decide between window ACs and portable ACs based on different metrics. You’ll be able to find options for either at the power level you need for your apartment.

If you need more than 14,000 BTUs of power, consider a split AC or an in-wall AC. 

Window AC vs portable AC

So how do you decide between a window AC and a portable AC? Here are the key differences besides cooling capacity that you should base your decision on:

  • Living space: Portable ACs will take up more living space than window ACs. That’s because window ACs sit on your windowsill and fill the space in an open window. Portable air conditioners sit on the floor instead and can take up valuable space in your bedroom or living room.
  • Window options: Window ACs will only work in very specific windows. You’ll need a window that slides vertically and opens wide enough to accommodate your chosen model. You’ll also need a windowsill that can safely support the weight of your window AC unit. Portable AC also have window requirements but can fit a wider range of windows and even suit sliding doors and dryer vents.
  • Movability: Portable ACs – as their name suggests – can be moved more easily from room to room. This is great if you want to use air conditioning in a living or working space during the day and then in your bedroom during the night. Window ACs aren’t fixed in place but they do take longer to install than portable ACs – about 1 hour. It’s’ also a two-person job as Window ACs are heavy. Overall, window ACs are well-designed to install once a year for the summer and then remove during the winter, whereas portable ACs suit daily use in different locations.

Who should buy window AC?

You should buy a window AC if you want to keep as much living space free as possible, have a relatively small space to cool, are on a limited budget, and have an appropriate window.

Portable air conditioners are better suited to temporary use in different locations. They make good units for people who live in occasionally hot climates or who want a unit they can use in the office and the bedroom.