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Can you leave a Window AC in all year?

Can you leave a Window AC in all year?

Yes, you can leave a Window AC in all year but you might not want to. Leaving a window AC in during winter can let a draft in and block sunlight.

Leaving a Window AC in all year is perfectly safe. The units are designed to be adequately supported by your windowsill and can resist the elements. The internal components are water resistant so you shouldn’t worry to much about water or snow damaging your AC.

However, there are still some reasons to consider removing your Window AC at the end of the summer. First, a Window AC does not have a strong seal against the outside air. 

The window kit is designed to block up the space on either side of your Window AC unit. But it’s usually a lot thinner than your window or walls, especially if you have double glazing. That means you’re more likely to lose heat through the window kit if you leave your Window AC in all year.

That might not be a problem if you live in a climate with relatively mild winters or if your building is otherwise well-insulated. But, for some, preventing this draft is worth the hassle of removing your Window AC for the winter months.

Another major reason some people elect to remove their Window AC during winter months is that the units are unsightly. Most window ACs are not designed with elegant interior decoration in mind. They’re ugly, gray boxes that look more like a fax machine than a design accent.

Beyond their ugliness, Window ACs also block natural light from coming in via your window. Some people place a massive premium on access to natural light during the winter months when days are shorter. If this is you, then removing your window AC for the winter months may be worth it.

How to prepare your window AC for winter

If you do plan on leaving your window AC in place over the summer, consider covering it with a weather cover. This isn’t strictly necessary but will offer you some peace of mind that rain and snowfall aren’t going to damage your air conditioner.

You’ll also want to check for any accumulated water in your AC before winter comes. This water can develop mold if left stagnant. Water should drain out of your window AC naturally but make sure the interior is dry if you plan to leave the unit unattended for several months.

Another risk of leaving water in your window AC over winter is that it will freeze. Ice build-up is unlikely to damage components in your window AC but its an unnecessary risk to take when you could easily drain the unit before temperatures drop.