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Can you use a window AC in a car?

Can you use a window AC in a car?

No, you cannot use a window AC in a car. Window ACs are not designed to fit in the slanted windows of a car and would run down your battery before they did anything useful.

There are two problems with using a Window AC in a car. The first is weight. Most window ACs weigh between 40 – 70 pounds. Your car windowsill is thin and not designed to be load-bearing.

There’s a good chance you’ll just damage your window rather than cool down your car. The other issue with installing a window AC in your car’s window is that the sides of your car’s window are slanted. You won’t be able to get a proper seal and you’ll let a lot of heat in.

The second problem with using a window Ac in a car is that it will drain your car’s battery. The battery in your car is designed to start the engine and run your car’s lights It’s not designed to run an air conditioner that consumes 1.4 kWh of power an hour.

Even if you get the smallest window AC you can, you’re still likely to use 800 – 900 watts of power. That gets worse because you’re turning your window AC off and on every time you start your car, reducing its energy efficiency.

The most you’ll accomplish is burning through your car’s battery in record time. Then, you’ll still be hot and you won’t be able to start your car.