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Why won’t my window AC work after winter?

Why won’t my window AC work after winter?

Your window AC stopped working after winter for one of the following eight reasons:

  • Weather damage: Window ACs are designed to be exposed to the elements but one reason yours won’t work after winter is exposure to rain and snow.
  • Thermostat lost battery: Your thermostat controls your window AC. If yours lost battery over the winter, then your window AC may not be starting just because it doesn’t know how hot it is. 
  • Dirty filters: Dust can build up over time on your window ACs filters and coils. This build-up will reduce your unit’s efficiency and in extreme cases just stop it from working altogether. 
  • Condenser failure: The condenser is the heart and soul of your window AC and your unit will not work if it breaks.
  • Refrigerant leak: A refrigerant leak can be caused by low temperatures over the winter. Once you lose refrigerant, your window AC’s coils will lose pressure and not cool properly.
  • Blown breaker/fuse: A power surge over winter could cause a blown breaker or a tripped fuse, interrupting the flow of power to your window AC.
  • Emergency shut-off flipped: The energy shut-off can be tripped quite easily just by bumping into it. Fixing this is easy by just flipping the switch back.
  • Fan failure: The fans are responsible for circulating air through your window AC. If they fail, your window AC won’t cool properly. Be sure to check both indoor and outdoor fans. 

<h3> Weather damage

<h3> Thermostat lost battery

<h3> Dirty filters

<h3> Condenser failure

<h3> Refrigerant leak

<h3> Blown breaker/fuse

<h3> Emergency shut-off flipped

<h3> Fan failure