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Why isn’t my window AC blowing air?

Why isn’t my window AC blowing air?

The most common reasons why your window AC isn’t blowing air are clogged filters, a broken fan, or leaking air ducts. But those aren’t the only possible reasons here are 9 reasons in total why your window AC isn’t blowing air:

  • Clogged filters: Clogged filters can easily stop the flow or air in and out of your window AC unit.
  • Broken fan: A broken fan means there’s nothing to move the air. Most window ACs will shut off if the fan breaks.
  • Leaking refrigerant: Refrigerant is a core component of your window AC’s cooling system. A leak reduces pressure and stops your window AC from cooling air. 
  • Condenser or Evaporator Coil Failure: A failure of either the condenser or evaporator coil due to a build-up of dirt or reduced refrigerant pressure will stop your AC from working altogether.
  • Blocked/Clogged Registers: (might be the same as the filters)
  • Thermostat malfunction: Most window ACs rely on thermostats to determine how much cold air to produce. If your thermostat is broken or can’t connect to your window AC, the unit will likely sit idle.
  • Power issues: A window AC unit needs to be connected to a power source in order to run. If your unit is struggling to get the power it needs, it will stop blowing cold air.
  • Compressor Malfunction: The compressor is the most important part of your window AC because it generates the unit’s cooling function. A broken compressor means your window AC won’t do anything. 

Leaking refrigerant

Dirty filter

Condenser or Evaporator Coil Failure

Blocked or Clogged Registers

Thermostat Malfunction

Power issues

Broken fan

Compressor malfunction